Truffle Market

In the village of Richerenches, there is a market that you wouldn't miss for all the gold in the world!
From mid-november to mid-march, every saturday mornings, you can buy fresh truffles found during the week.
Scent guaranteed!


Every saturday mornings, from 9am to 1pm, brokers, truffle diggers and tourists end up on Rabasse Avenue (name of the truffle in provençal patois) and Mistral Promenade. After they have set the truffle rate, deals can start.
Around 1pm, the street gets empty but the scent of truffles is floating...

On this market, you'll find bulk-buying and retail truffles.
The market represents 50% of the benefits made by the markets of the South-east of France.
Thanks to its truffle production, Richerenches is "Site Remarquable du Goût" approved village and shows itself as the capital city of truffles of quality.


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From 05/12 to 13/03, every Saturday between 9 am and 1 pm.


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