Our land is a region of exceptional wines since the beginning of times. We are fortunate to have three appellations whose fame is well established: Côtes du Rhône, Côtes du Rhône Village and Grignan – les – Adhémar.


The Grignan – les – Adhémar Appellation

In the Rhône Valley, in the heart of the Drôme Provençale, our vineyards nestle in the hills that are also home to truffle oaks. Here, nature has worked well. From the nourishing subsoil, limestone provides its elegance and clay its richness. The Mediterranean climate, grants mild, temperate but windy winters. It concedes, however, hot, dry and sunny summers that compensate for the cool nights. The wines of the AOC Grignan-les-Adhémar cleverly combine ripe fruits from the south with the elegance and freshness from the north. Syrah and Grenache give birth to balanced red wines whilst our white wines are fruity and elegant and our rosés nicely provocative.

Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Village Appellations

The rows of vines are lined with rose bushes, lavenders and brooms, giving this landscape an inimitable charm. The Côtes du Rhône are celebrated here, starting with the Côtes du Rhône Villages of Visan and Valréas.

Our vineyards are the northernmost of the southern Côtes du Rhône. They stretch on the southern and western slopes of the foothills of the Pre-Alps, with pebbly clay-calcareous soils, under a sunny Provençal climate, purified by the famous Mistral. The latitude, soils, sun and altitude of the Enclave of the Popes give its wines their uniqueness. In the cellars you will have the opportunity to taste a whole range of appellation wines of exceptional quality.

In the Enclave of the Popes you will find several wine routes: the “Route Sepia” (n ° 3), set up by Inter Rhône (AOC Côtes du Rhône wine trade) and the “Route en Drôme Provençale” (Saint Pantaléon Les Vignes and Rousset Les Vignes) (n ° 2).