The famous “rabasse”

A truffle is called a “rabasse” in Provençal, the original local dialect. It can be found from mid-November to mid-March and every Saturday visitors can enjoy the truffle market of Richerenches, the largest in Europe. An indescribable fragrance escapes from the precious mushroom when it is mature. Try the dishes in the restaurant, especially omelettes slobbering to perfection, and your taste buds will be amazed. Why not try to “caver”, that is look for truffles with a trained dog and its master? Throughout the winter, many traditions and events celebrate the melano truffles: truffle market from mid-November in Richerenches, the Saint-Antoine Mass, the literary festival of books, truffle and wine in Grignan and surrounding villages, and the Lovers of Taste events in Richerenches.

Messe des truffes

Good to know : There are 3 varieties of black truffles: The Tuber melanosporum, the Tuber brumale and the Tuber aestivum.

The Tuber melanosporum (also called Melano or “Truffle of Perigord”) is the most famous of all species harvested in France, negotiated by traders, the one that gourmets crave, the one that Brillat-Savarin called “the black diamond of French cuisine”.

Brum truffle: Tuber brumale, the musky. After the melano, it remains the most collected species in Rhône-Alpes. Generally smaller in size, it can be confused with her prestigious sister. It has excellent culinary virtues and can withstand slightly longer cooking.

The summer truffle: Tuber aestivum, also called white or Saint John truffle. This is the first truffle harvested from May to the end of August. Often reaching the size of a beautiful apricot, it develops at maturity very fine but extremely volatile aromas. As a result, it is generally eaten raw, for example in a truffle butter.

Why not trying a traditional “cavage” session ?

To learn more about how truffles grow and how to find them,  come and meet our truffle growers and their loyal dogs during a digging session.

Don´t miss the Museum of Truffle and Wine in Richerenches !

Discover the secrets of the truffle but also the wines of our soil, ancient wine objects and our three cellars producing AOC wines: Côte du Rhône, Côte du Rhône Village, Grignan les Adhémar. And if you are lucky, you may meet a truffle farmer or a passionate winemaker who will answer all your questions.

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