Lavender and Lavandin

When summer comes, the Pays de Grignan and the Enclave of the Popes plains and hills dress in blue. Lavender scents mingle with those of the scrubland, oaks and vineyards . The cultivation of this aromatic plant, emblematic of Provence, dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, but the virtues of its essential oil have been known since Antiquity. Lavender and Lavandin (another species growing in lower lands) have always been associated with the breeding of bees.

Established medicinal and therapeutic virtues

For a very long time, we have acknowledged the healing and antiseptic virtues of lavender. It has been used as an antivenom in case of viper bite when the wound is rubbed with a handful of lavender (this could explain the name of the lavender aspic). The plant has also been used extensively, and still is, to combat lice and mites. It was enough to put a Small bag of lavender in the cupboards to chase these nasty little critters. In herbal medicine, lavender is recommended to fight anxiety disorders, nervousness and sleeplessness, as well as to relieve rheumatism and treat respiratory tract infections. It can be taken in infusion, powder (capsules), in the form of essential oil or alcoholate for friction.

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Distilling techniques, lavender field visits, massages in the middle of lavender fields, painting workshops, honey making and more…Our service providers welcome you all year long and tell you all about this beautiful plant.

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The Lavender Routes will take you to a world of timeless scents and colours, where locals live a unique “art de vivre”. In the heart of lavender fields, a myriad of colours mesmerizes visitors. Producers in farms and distilleries share their expertise with passion. To find out more : The Lavender Routes.